• The construction of its factory in the Romica industrial development in Albacete, recognized for its innovative capacity in the circular economy and its environmental impact
  • REPETCO provides for the first time an industrial solution to a latent problem: the recycling of multilayer food PET/PE plastics in a clean, sustainable and cost-effective way

REPETCO has developed a unique technique for the recycling of multilayer PET/PE food plastics, one of the most difficult materials to recycle. The system designed by REPETCO has been the project chosen by the Retina ECO Awards to be awarded the ‘SME for Innovation and Sustainability’ prize. 

The jury has ruled in favor of the company’s solution and has also highlighted the value of the construction of the first industrial plant in the world for the recycling of this type of plastics, which will be located in the Romica Industrial development in Albacete. 

The recycling of bottles made from PET plastics is a reality on the planet. However, this is not the case with multilayer PET food containers, which, unlike the plastic of bottles, are mostly made up of layers of different materials, which are joined by adhesive glues of different compositions. This was a latent problem all over the world until REPETCO’s solution was introduced.

The technology developed by the company consists of a recycling system for multilayer PET plastics, widely used in the food sector, which avoids the use of chemical VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, organic solvents, etc.), reduces emissions and favors the circular economy thanks to the recovery of raw materials. Its main novelty lies in the separation process of the multilayer sheets through a mechanical, energy efficient and sustainable process

This is the second edition of the Retina ECO awards. For the selection of the winners, the most innovative, sustainable ideas with the greatest impact on the fight against climate change and any other area related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations have been evaluated from among more than 100 companies and projects. 

The Retina ECO awards have the support of Capgemini and the jury is composed of: Carmen Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and AI; Sara Aagesen, Secretary of State for Energy; Luis Abad, CEO of Capgemini Spain; Rosa Junquera, Sustainability Director of Grupo Prisa; Jaime García Cantero, Director of Retina; Cristina Rivero, Director of the Industry, Energy, Environment and Climate Department of CEOE; Dimitris Bountolos, General Director of Information Systems and Innovation of Ferrovial-CIIO; Eduardo Navarro, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability of Telefónica S. A.; Lara de Mesa, Global Director of Responsible Banking at Banco Santander; Begoña Gómez, Director of the Extraordinary Chair of Social Transformation at UCM; and María Ángeles León, founder and president of the Open Value Foundation and Global Social Impact Investmnets. In addition, the Managing Director of Capgemini Invent Spain, Laurent Perea, was the secretary of the jury.

The official ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 23 and is to be attended by H.M. The Queen of Spain, the Chairman of Grupo Prisa, Joseph Oughourlian, and the CEO of Capgemini Spain, Luis Abad.