Castilla-La Mancha is moving forward with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change. The Regional Government has presented the ‘Circular Economy Strategy Horizon 2030‘ in the framework of actions through which the region wants to consolidate itself as competitive, resilient and sustainable.

The new Strategy, approved on Tuesday in the Governing Council, has been presented at an event attended by different personalities from the region, such as the Vice-President of the Castilian-Manchego Executive, José Luis Martínez Guijarro; Minister of Sustainable Development, José Luis Escudero. In fact, the General Director of the Council, Marta Gómez Palenque thanked her for her “great involvement and that of the circular economy team during the work of developing the strategy“. Also present at the presentation was Rafael Rodríguez-Pina, who will be director of the RepetCo Innovations factory, along with Juan Carlos Sirviente, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company.

With this new step, Escudero stressed, the community “walks unstoppably towards a new model of production and consumption that promotes a change in the way we use our resources to reduce its impact on the environment by contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change”. In this sense, RepetCo has a project in Albacete to build a multi-layer PET/PE packaging recycling plant of post-consumer origin, a firm commitment to the circular economy, as it allows the material to be returned to the origin of the chain.

The Strategy envisages a total of 6 broad lines, 21 axes and 48 measures aimed at “improving the quality of life of citizens and the natural environment in addition to contributing to generating prosperity and future for the region”, as has been stated declared the Minister of Sustainable Development.