Eiffage Energía builds the new REPETCO Innovations recycling plant in the Romica industrial development.

Eiffage Energía is building the new REPETCO Innovations recycling plant in the Romica industrial development in Albacete, which has become the first circular development in Castilla-La Mancha. A project in which the Departments of Electrical Installations; Mechanical Installations; and the company’s Building subsidiary, Conscytec, are involved. 

REPETCO has entrusted Eiffage Energía with the overall execution of the project. In this manner, they will coordinate and execute the civil works, electrical installations, mechanical installations, control, and security projects.

The new plant will have a maximum input capacity of 150,000 tons of mixed plastics of post-consumer food origin per year; and a production of 45,000 tons per year of rPET pellets. It is foreseen to be completed by the end of 2022.

This is a unique and innovative project. For the first time, multilayer PET/PE containers will be recycled. This process represents a step towards sustainability and the circular economy. Premises of Eiffage Energía in all its lines of activity.

In addition, this project is part of the “Romica-Circular” project, which is committed to more sustainable and environmentally friendly production models. An initiative that promotes “industrial symbiosis”, which can generate savings in the consumption of industrial parks.

This philosophy is shared by Eiffage Energía, where the circular economy is emerging as a necessary model, which leads to rethinking the way we design, manufacture and build. Reuse and recycling of materials, proper waste management.

The development of circular economy solutions and their integration into Eiffage’s activities helps to alleviate the pressure on natural resources.

Civil Works

The recycling plant will consist of six attached buildings for the different recycling processes, as well as an office building, R&D and auxiliary facilities rooms. It will also have auxiliary facilities, such as an industrial wastewater treatment plant (WWTP); a tertiary treatment plant for reusing the water treated in the WWTP in industrial processes; a truck wash facility, etc. 

The structure and envelope of the buildings will be of prefabricated concrete. The buildings will have heights of up to 20 meters and spans of up to 33 meters.

Electrical Installations

The electrical supply to the plant will be medium voltage, with an installed power of 8 MVA. The transformation center of the building will have three transformers in configuration (2+1) of 4 MVA each. These will be connected to a CGBT of 6300A and a breaking capacity of 100 kA. The plant protection system configuration will be IT, except in offices and auxiliary service panels. These will have a TN protection system. From the CGBT will start the different electrical lines that will feed the process switchboards and auxiliary services.

The plant will have a high degree of automation, with a control and supervision center where the control SCADA will be installed. This will integrate, monitor and manage the communications between the different process PLCs, as well as the production management program. To achieve this control, it will be necessary to execute the fiber optic installations and structured cabling necessary for the interconnection of the different points of the system.

Mechanical Installations

Mechanical installations include the following works:

  • PCI installation. The plant will be equipped with a network of hydrants, BIEs and sprinklers, as well as fire extinguishers, automatic extinguishing systems and fire detection systems.
  • Gas and steam installation. The facility will have two steam boilers with a production of 4,000 kg/h each, as well as the associated gas installation.
  • HVAC installation. The facility will have two chillers of 1,200 KW each, for process equipment as well as for the air conditioning of the buildings. The offices will be air-conditioned by installing a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system.
  • Compressed air installation. The plant will be equipped with a compressed air network. It will have three compressors, with a production of 1,530 Nm3/h. each.

In addition, a CCTV and intrusion system will be installed to guarantee the plant’s property security, allowing the security forces to be alerted in the event of any intrusion into the facilities.

Experience y sustainability

More than 25 years of experience in the sector of integral installations and a team of highly qualified professionals guarantee high quality service.

We are a leading company, both in the execution of large projects or singular projects, due to the great technical and economic capacity of the group, as well as in all types of installations and minor projects.

Furthermore, in all our areas of activity, the design and choice of materials have a strong impact on the carbon footprint of the project. 

That is why Eiffage uses a ‘material mix’ that combines new generation materials as well as old and revised materials, we favor the use of bio-based materials.

The objective is to develop and industrialize low-carbon building solutions adapted to the needs of users and our clients, as a means of consciously reducing their own carbon footprint.