Sustainability, a key factor in the packaging of fruit and vegetable products

Fruit and vegetable products are characterised by their freshness, which is increasingly valued and demanded by consumers. The packaging system for fruit and vegetables has to preserve these characteristics, which, in many cases, might be more complex than it seems. Having sustainable packaging can be the key to achieving it. This has been one of the central issues of the sessions held at the Fruit Attraction LiveConnect, one of the largest Marketplaces and Professional Networks in the world, specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Why recycling has been declared by BIR as the main solution for the management of plastic waste

It is estimated that, to date, approximately 9.2 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide, the equivalent of more than one ton per (living) person today. This figure would not be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that less than 10% of the total production of plastic is recycled. Moreover, approximately 30% is incinerated and the rest ends up being discarded


La #digitalización está transformando las relaciones en el siglo XXI.♻️Algunas tecnologías digitales utilizadas para los procesos de ... recolección y reciclado:
🔷Internet de las cosas
🔷Cloud Computing
🔷Inteligencia Artificial
#BeyondRecycling 👉

#PET is one of the most recyclable polymers on the market ♻️Despite this, the collection rate of PET bottles in the EU increased by only 1%, ... reaching 64% in 2019 (@ICISOfficial)
What is going wrong with the collection strategy ⁉️#BeyondRecycling👉

🇪🇺🟢El #EuropeanGreenDeal es una estrategia de crecimiento económico para lograr una economía circular, competitiva y climáticamente neutra... para 2050. Para implementarla, es necesaria la taxonomía de la UE. El @agorarsc da los detalles sobre este sistema 👉



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