How is sustainability achieved in the plastics supply chain?

Construction, automotive, real estate, medical, food, sports, education…. Almost all industrial sectors rely on plastics to enable their development and do business. However, this use must be based on the circular economy, i.e., less dependence on virgin materials and thus greater recyclability. To achieve this, it is imperative that the entire supply chain of the plastics industry remains involved, from manufacturing and design to end-of-life management

What is upstream innovation and why is it essential for the circular economy?

In a circular economy that seeks, as its ultimate goal, to achieve a world without waste, in which products have a second life, upstream innovation is one of the most promising ways to achieve it. It involves tracing a problem to its origin and tackling it there. In other words: instead of figuring out how to deal with large amounts of waste, why not prevent it from being generated in the first place.

Plastic transformers, a growing industry

Plastic products can be found in virtually all industries. This is due to their characteristics: adaptability, durability, and light weight, which make them a favourite in the construction, packaging, and automotive industries. This sector contributes to the process of innovation, promoting resource efficiency and, at the same time, creating jobs….


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